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Arthur Munyer


"Awaken the innate wisdom protected within your body, and its implicit need for an empathetic connection."

Green Touch Bodywork

Arthur Munyer SEP, TPR, LHEP, CMT

Born: January 21, 1950​
Current occupation: Teacher / therapist with a focus

on bodywork(Europe, South America, Asia and USA)
Private practice: Hundseckstrasse, 76596 Forbach
Phone: 0049 1766 4327156‬

Somatic Experiencing

The information

Arthur Munyer
NSI® Founder & Visionary

After 50 years of practical experience and integrative studies, Arthur Munyer developed Neural Somatic Integration® (NSI). Arthur is an Esalen® Advanced Certified Bodyworker and Somatic
Experiencing® Practitioner
. His work is based on his many years of experience as a practitioner and teacher of various bodywork and trauma healing methods. He currently teaches NSI® in workshops/trainings and gives individual sessions in Europe, South America, the USA and Bali.

Work Experience

  • Munyer Graphics Corporation (graphics and offset printing) 1971-1974 CEO.

  • Esalen® Gazebo (School for Infants and Toddlers) Manager and Teacher, 1976-1979.

  • Esalen Institute (cook, grounds, security, lodge attendant, massage team, housekeeping) 1979-1994.

  • Esalen® Bodywork Crew Manager Coordinator 1985-1988.

  • Diabetic project: body work on diabetics for Dr. Lola Steinbaum 1985-1987.

  • Will Schutz Associates: Consulting firm 1999-2000 Sales/Marketing Manager.

  • Bodywork & Release Clinic: Carmel, California 1994 - 2008

  • Neural Somatic Integration® Forbach, Freiburg, Germany 2009-today


  1. New York Institute of Technology 1969 Psychology and Business

  2. Nassau Caommunity College 1970 Emphasis: Psychology and Business

  3. Adelphi University, 1971-1973  Emphasis: Psychology and Business

  4. Goddard College, 2007 Emphasis: Health & Arts

  5. Esalen® Institute, Big Sur, California, (studies in the somatic education of mind, body, & spirit), 1974-2010

  6. Gestalt-Therapie​: Dick Price (emotional release studies), 1974-1980.

  7. Bone Manipulation: Dr. Matthew McKinley, 1974.

  8. Radix Release: Laura Dillon (emotional release studies), 1974.

  9. Emotional, spiritual, physical & mental release: Dr. Stan Grof, 1974-1976.

  10. Rolfing: (Body Dynamics) Noel Delevette, 1974 & Beverly Silverman, 1975.

  11. Breathing and Chakras: Bernard Gunther (studies in the integrations of mind body), 1974.

  12.  Dr. Alvin Drucker, Deep Tissue Bodywork, Acupuncture, Iridologie, Homeopathic, Spiritual Guidance, 1974-1977.

  13. Feldenkrais: Patrick Douce (body dynamics, movement), 1975-1988 & Dee Dosier, 1984.

  14. Transactional Analysis: Louisiana TA Institute, 1975.

  15. Polarity Therapy: Bill Liles, 1976 Laurie Parizek, 1994-1995.

  16. Gestalt Therapy: Christine Price (emotional release studies), 1989.

  17. Philosophy: Buckminster Fuller (philosophy), 1977.

  18. Zero Balancing: Fritz Smith (anatomy and body mechanics), 1978-1979.

  19. Aikido: Robert Nadeau, 1976, Boulder School of Aikido, 1979.

  20. Chiropractic: Lauren Berry (structural integration, bone manipulation, and trigger point), 1982.

  21. Trigger Point Therapy and Deep Tissue: Dub Leigh, (Somatic studies in mind and body), 1982-1985.

  22. Cranial-Sacral Work: Jim Asher , 1984.

  23. Applied Kinesiology: Dr. Jack Downing & Gestalt, 1983.

  24. Esalen Massage Certification: 1500 Std. of instruction, 1984.

  25. Deep Tissue: Edward Maupin, 1984.

  26. Anatomy and Physiology: Dr. Lenore Jones, 1987.

  27. Somatic Studies: Dr. Don Johnson, 1987.

  28. Trigger Point Therapy and Deep Tissue: Dub Leigh​​, 1990.

  29. Xanthyros Foundation / Emotional Release Work: Robert Augustus Masters, 1995.

  30. Spiritual & Emotional Work: Daya Harris, 1994-1996.

  31. Mediation: Jack Kornfeild, 1995.

  32. Partner-Workshop ​​"Sexual healing": Debra Chaimberland, 1997.

  33. Human Element: Licenced Human Element Practitioner (LHEP™ )  Will & Alish Schutz, 1998.

  34. Sales Training Course: Tom Barton von White & Barton Associates, 2000.

  35. Sexual Healing and Awakening Mastery Course: Training: Certified Tantra Teacher, 2000.

  36. Anatomy & Lab MPC 150 Std., 2002.

  37. Dorn Methode (Bone manipulation) Zurich Switzerland 50 Std., 2003.

  38. Ethics of Nonviolent Communication @ BTC 7 Std., 2004.

  39. Sivananda Yoga Lehrer Training in Nassau Bahamas Certificate: 300 Std, Lic# 16222, 2005​.

  40. ​Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training in Val Morin, Quebec. Cert Yoga Bhaskara Certificate # 3153, 70 Std., 2005.

  41. Somatic Experiencing® 3-Year Education in Trauma Release, Peter Levine 2006-2009, Certified SEP, 2009.

  42. Optimum Health Institute, (Training on healing, and achieving holistic transformation), 2006.

  43. Castro Valley Ashram MA Center, ( Mediation, Yoga and Darsan retreat), 2007.

  44. Tomatis Method training and experiential in brain frequencies 120 Std., 2009.

  45. Multipler Trauma Vortex, Steve Hoskinson, Berlin, Deutschland, 2009.

  46. The Diaphragms with Dr. Peter A. Levine, Weggis Schweiz, 24 Std., 2010.

  47. "Why Focusing Works and What Else We Need", Eugene Gendlin and Ann Weiser Cornell, Januar-Februar 2011.

  48. "The Polyvagal System & Bodywork": Dr. Peter A. Levine, Juli 2011.

  49. Supervision with Dr. Peter A. Levine, with focus on Bodywork, August 2011.

  50. "Neurophysiology of self regulation Using the body’s social engagement system": Prof. Dr. Stephen Porges (USA) Sept. 2011​.

  51. Humintell --Certificate of Completion "Micro-expression Recognition Training" with proficiency level of Master, December 1, 2013

  52. PAUL EKMAN GROUP, LLC Certificate of Training, eMETT 3.0 Expert Level, 09/15/2015

Teaching & Bodywork Training's

  • Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Approx. 520 classes taught in Trigger Point, Esalen Bodywork (basic, intermediate and advanced) and Certificate training's in Bodywork Massage: 1978-2004.

  • Instructor & Administrator in Early Childhood Development. Taught approximately 30 classes: Esalen 1984-1986.

  • Monterey Institute of Touch in Carmel, California. Instruction in all levels of Trigger Point, Esalen Bodywork and Body Dynamics: Taught approximately 250 classes 1995-2003.

  • "The Center" in Zurich, Switzerland Instruction in all levels of Trigger Point, Couples Workshops, Esalen Deep Massage, and Processwork for Bodyworker: Taught approximately 350 classes 1995-2005.

  • Angela Moraes Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Esalen Bodywork Training's: 1997-1999.

  • Gestalt Center in Dortmund, Germany, Esalen® massage training: 1997-1998.

  • Bodywork Center in Hamburg, Germany, Esalen® Bodywork Training: 1996-1998.

  • Esalen Massage School (EMBA), recognized Esalen Bodyworker, Teaching Worldwide, 1995-present

  • Body Therapy Center, & McKinnon Institute, Palo Alto California 2003- present. Taught approximately 350 classes Esalen

  • 150 hours certificate training. Trigger Point Release 125 hrs. certificate courses Process for Bodyworkers 2 day courses Advance Esalen Massage 5-Day Course Advance Trigger Point 5-Day Course - Couples Massage 2-Day Course, 2004 to present

  • Trigger Point Release Trainings@ Bildungswerk Aachen, Germany, 2005-Course. Taught approximately 150 classes

  • Bali Massage Training Moving Ventures, The Munyer Method™ Advanced Esalen Release & Esalen Massage: Empathic Trigger Point 2007.

  • Neural Somatic Integration®, 2- year Education: Aachen, Freiburg, Augsburg, Bielefeld, Germany, 2008- present.

  • Somatic Experiencing® & Supervision, Freiburg, Augsburg, Bielefeld, Forbach Germany, 2010-present

  • Esalen® Massage Certification Training, Bali, Indonesia, 2010- present.

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