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Arthur Munyer

Green Touch Bodywork

Polyvagal & Chronic Pain Release Sessions

About Me

Arthur Munyer

Certified Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP).
Trigger Point Release Specialist (TPR),

Certified Esalen® Bodywork Trainer & Practitioner,

Licensed Human Element Practitioner (LHEP™ )

Sivananda® Yoga Instructor.


        In the heart of the mystical Black Forest, where ancient trees whispered secrets and sunlight filtered through lush canopies, I am Arthur Munyer, also known as Arfur, Artie, and Shambho. For over four decades, my journey has been an unwavering commitment to the world of bodywork therapy. It began its roots in 1973 and has since blossomed into a profound and transformative odyssey.

                                                                         My Journey in Bodywork Therapy

        My journey is one of intricate Mandalas woven from the threads of passion, dedication, and an insatiable excitement for understanding the intricate dance between body and mind. Born into a world where holistic healing was a distant frontier, my curiosity was ignited by the power of touch as a means to soothe the soul and mend the body. It was this curiosity that led me on a remarkable expedition to the doors of the Esalen® Institute, a sanctuary perched on the rugged cliffs of Big Sur, California. In the embrace of crashing waves and panoramic vistas, my skills were forged through the fires of experience. Guided by the wisdom of mentors who themselves had walked the path of touch-based healing, my journey at Esalen was a pilgrimage of growth and self-discovery. I spent a quarter-century immersed in the institute's nurturing environment, learning and evolving.

        From the depths of Big Sur's shores to the tranquil landscapes of Hundsbach, I've consistently strived to elevate my abilities throughout my journey.  "Green Touch Bodywork" is not just a technique; it is an embodiment of my soul's evolution. Shaped by years as a deeply devoted father, a diligent student, a dedicated practitioner, and a seasoned teacher, this approach to touch is a harmonious blend of bodywork techniques gleaned from diverse sources, interwoven with subtle variations in emotional and trauma resolution methodologies.

"My journey in bodywork therapy has been enriched by the guidance of remarkable mentors,

each contributing to my growth and expertise."

•    Dick Price (emotional release studies): Gestalt-Therapie, 1974-1980.
•    Janet Lederman: The Gazebo Experience: Esalen's School for Infants and Toddlers. Gestalt therapy in the context of               child development. 1974-1976.
•    Dr. Matthew McKinley: Bone Manipulation, 1974.
•    Laura Dillon (emotional release studies): Radix Release, 1974.
•    Dr. Stan Grof: Emotional, spiritual, physical & mental release, 1974-1976.
•    Noel Delevette: Rolfing (Body Dynamics), 1974.
•    Beverly Silverman: Rolfing (Body Dynamics), 1975.
•    Bernard Gunther: Breathing and Chakras (mind-body integration), 1974.
•    Dr. Will Schutz: Encounter (emotional process), 1974-1976.
•    Dr. Alvin Drucker: Deep Tissue Bodywork, Acupuncture, Iridology, Homeopathic, Spiritual Guidance, 1974-1977.
•    Patrick Douce: Feldenkrais (body dynamics, movement), 1975-1988.
•    Dee Dosier: Feldenkrais (body dynamics, movement), 1984.
•    Louisiana TA Institute: Transactional Analysis, 1975.
•    Bill Liles: Polarity Therapy, 1976.
•    Laurie Parizek: Polarity Therapy, 1994-1995.
•    Christine Price: Gestalt Therapy (emotional release studies), 1989.
•    Buckminster Fuller: Philosophy, 1977.
•    Fritz Smith: Zero Balancing (anatomy and body mechanics), 1978-1979.
•    Robert Nadeau: Aikido, 1976.
•    Boulder School of Aikido: Aikido, 1979.
•    Lauren Berry: Chiropractic (structural integration, bone manipulation, and trigger point), 1982.
•    Dub Leigh: Trigger Point Therapy and Deep Tissue (Somatic studies in mind and body), 1982-1985.

•    Jim Asher: Cranial-Sacral Work, 1984.
•    Dr. Jack Downing: Applied Kinesiology, 1983.
•    1500 Std. of instruction: Esalen Massage Certification, 1984.
•    Edward Maupin: Deep Tissue, 1984.
•    Dr. Lenore Jones: Anatomy and Physiology, 1987.
•    Dr. Don Johnson: Somatic Studies, 1987.
•    Dub Leigh: Trigger Point Therapy and Deep Tissue, 1990.
•    Robert Augustus Masters: Xanthyros Foundation / Emotional Release Work, 1995.
•    Daya Harris: Spiritual & Emotional Work, 1994-1996.
•    Jack Kornfield: Mediation, 1995.
•    Debra Chamberland: Partner-Workshop "Sexual healing", 1997.
•    Will & Alish Schutz: Licensed Human Element Practitioner (LHEP™ ), 1998.
•    Will Schutz: Human Element: 14-Day Training (consulting & interpersonal studies), 1998.
•    Tom Barton von White & Barton Associates: Sales Training Course, 2000.
•    Certified Tantra Teacher: Sexual Healing and Awakening Mastery Course, 2000.
•    Anatomy & Lab MPC 150 Std., 2002.
•    Dorn Methode (Bone manipulation) Zurich Switzerland 50 Std., 2003.
•    Ethics of Nonviolent Communication @ BTC 7 Std., 2004.
•    Lic# 16222: Sivananda Yoga Lehrer Training in Nassau Bahamas Certificate: 300 Std, 2005.
•    Cert Yoga Bhaskara Certificate # 3153: Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training in Val Morin, Quebec, 2005.
•    Peter Levine: Somatic Experiencing® 3-Year Education in Trauma Release, 2006-2009.•    Certified Somatic
      Experiencing® Practitioner, 2008.
•    Optimum Health Institute: Training on healing, and achieving holistic transformation, 2006.
•    Castro Valley Ashram MA Center: Meditation, Yoga, and Darsan retreat, 2007.
•    Tomatis Method training and experiential in brain frequencies 120 Std., 2009.
•    Steve Hoskinson: Multiple Trauma Vortex, Berlin, Deutschland, 2009.
•    Dr. Peter A. Levine: The Diaphragms, Weggis Schweiz, 24 Std., 2010.
•    Eugene Gendlin and Ann Weiser Cornell: Why Focusing Works and What Else We Need, Januar-Februar 2011.
•    Dr. Peter A. Levine: The Polyvagal System & Bodywork, July 2011.
•    Dr. Peter A. Levine: Supervision with a focus on Bodywork, August 2011.
•    Prof. Dr. Stephen Porges (USA): Neurophysiology of self-regulation. Using the body’s social engagement system,
       Sept. 2011.
•    Humintell: Certificate of Completion "Micro-expression Recognition Training" with proficiency level of Master,
       December 1, 2013.
•    PAUL EKMAN GROUP, LLC: Certificate of Training, eMETT 3.0 Expert Level, 09/15/2015.

          As the years have passed, my journey has led me to establish a haven within Hundsbach, a place where the Black Forest's embrace is in its stillness. Here, personal sessions have become a pilgrimage of renewal for those seeking solace, transformation, and healing. Each session is a testament to the experiences accumulated over time, a symphony of touch that echoes the rhythm of the forest itself.Opinions about my work are as diverse as the people I touch. From the depths of admiration to the heights of inspiration, my dedication to bodywork and the unique "Green Touch" approach leaves an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to experience it. Each session is a chapter in the story of a life devoted to the well-being of others.

The insights gained from my journey act as a guiding light, leading the way for a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection. My story is a melody of healing, a dance of transformation, and a legacy of touch that resonates through the ages. In the heart of the Black Forest, amidst the whispers of ancient trees and the embrace of nature's beauty, my story is an enduring testament to the power of touch and the boundless capacity of the human body to heal and be healed.

"The power of healing is within us all, and by working together, we create a whole new way of healing ourselves and others"

Arthur Munyer


Green Touch Bodywork  is all about celebrating love. It's like a big hug of affection. Imagine love as a special way of being close to others in the world. Love grows strong when we feel safe to share our feelings honestly. At Green Touch Bodywork, the main idea is to find this feeling of "safety" inside our bodies. This safety helps us connect with others in a kind and caring way, even when we've been through tough times or when the world around us isn't so friendly.

Green Touch Bodywork is like a journey to discover this feeling of safety inside ourselves. It's realizing that we can help ourselves heal and also help others heal too. Instead of feeling stuck, defensive, sad, scared, or alone, our bodies show us how to heal ourselves and help others heal too.

Basically, Green Touch Bodywork invites us to create a world where love doesn't just survive despite our challenges, but because of them. It encourages us to be healers for ourselves and for everyone around us. It's like saying, "Let's put down our shields and be open to being a little vulnerable." This vulnerability is what makes real connections happen. In Green Touch Bodywork, safety and love come together like a beautiful song that lasts a long time. It reminds us that we have the power to heal, to love, and to shine even when things get tough.

In practice, Green Touch Bodywork is like a journey that helps us understand our minds and bodies better. It mixes together bodywork (like massage) with modern discoveries about how our brains work. This approach focuses on things like the Social Engagement System and the Polyvagal Theory, which were ideas created by Dr. Steven W. Porges. Green Touch Bodywork goes beyond regular body methods. It looks at the special pathways in our brains that are connected to trauma and emotional struggles. By using touch and paying close attention, this method helps us tune in to the small signals in our brains. Instead of just dealing with the surface signs of trauma, Green Touch Bodywork goes deep into our body's wisdom. It helps our brains "rewire" themselves naturally. This process changes how our bodies react to things. It can help release old traumas, improve our posture, reduce or even get rid of pain, make us more flexible, help us connect better with others, and create stronger social bonds. All of these good things happen as a result of doing Green Touch Bodywork.

The Polyvagal Theory

Arthur Munyer


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Thank you for sharing with me!

Arthur Munyer



Arthur Munyer

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Arthur Munyer

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