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Arthur Munyer


"Awaken the innate wisdom protected within your body, and its implicit need for an empathetic connection."

Green Touch Bodywork

Polyvagal & Chronic Pain
Release Sessions

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About Me

"The power of healing is within us all, and by working together,
we create a whole new way of healing ourselves and others"
My path in body therapy

  My Journey in Bodywork Therapy

     In the domain of holistic support, I serve as a catalyst for transformation, guiding individuals through a comprehensive journey that extends beyond mere physicality. Drawing upon over four decades of experience, I employ a comprehensive approach to holistic support, wherein every interaction addresses not only bodily concerns but also mental and emotional well-being. My practice functions as a haven where clients encounter a blend of relaxation and emotional equilibrium, facilitating the discovery of inner peace, resilience, and profound self-awareness.

    Looking forward, I aspire to broaden the reach of my healing services, impacting a greater number of individuals, fostering community well-being, and catalyzing a global movement towards holistic health. My ideal clientele shares my commitment to personal growth, demonstrating mindfulness, curiosity, and a readiness for transformative change. In a competitive landscape, my methodology distinguishes itself through a combination of individualized attention, empathetic understanding, and an unwavering dedication to ongoing education. I envision a world where holistic support illuminates every individual journey, recognizing the uniqueness of each path towards well-being.This encapsulates the essence of my mission—a dedication to fostering harmony, facilitating renewal, and demonstrating the profound impact of healing practices on individual lives. In this professional arena, the pursuit of vitality and contentment becomes not merely a possibility but an assured destination.

"My journey in bodywork therapy has been enriched by the guidance of remarkable mentors,

each contributing to my growth and expertise."

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